Sunday, October 7, 2012

Summer Recap

We have had an active summer.  It all started with`a late April trip to Crete.  Then we spent 4 days in Istanbul.  The last big trip was to Scotland.  This trip was 40 years in the making.  The weather was typical but it did not matter.  We visited Edinburgh, Braemar, Ft Williams, Skye and the Clan home Finlaystone.  We had a great visit with Chief George and enjoyed the gardens.  On our way back to London we stopped by St. Andrews and Ruby Bay.  We had a 80 degree clear day to see the sites in London.  The flight home was delayed so we missed connections and stopped in a few unexpected places, but we made it.  Luggage followed a few days later.

We were joined on this trip by Big Sis Alyson and her husband Richard.  They followed us back to Russia to spend some time here and then a 4 day trip to St. Petersburg.  We really enjoyed traveling together and I think we all had a memorable tip.

Lots of photos being posted on the Picasa site with more to follow.